Guilty? aka Je Plaide non coupable


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Directed by Edmund T Graville, a 1956 Gibraltar production based on Michael Gilbert`s novel, Death Has Deep Roots. Convinced that a wartime resistance heroine is innocent of a murder charge, Nap Rumbold, (John Justin) a solicitor / private detective travels to France searching
for evidence to clear her name. Jacqueline Delbois, (Barbara Laage) aided by the glamorous police agent, also expose a counterfeit ring. Stars Sydney Tafler and Norman Wooland in this
well acted drama.

Directed By
Edmund T Graville

Lucien Callamand – Victoria Martin
Noel Darzal – Victoria Martin
Andrae Debar – Victoria Martin
John Justin – Nap Rumbold
Barbara Laage – Jaqueline Delbois
Margo Lion – Mme. Gimelet
Marcel Lupovici – Un truand
Stephen Murray – Summers
Russell Napier – Inspector Hobson & Gaston Orbal
Leslie Perrins – Poynter
Kynaston Reeves – Col. Wright
Jacqueline Sassard – Col. Wright
Betty Stockfeld – Mme. Roper
Sydney Tafler – Camino
Franck Villard – Pierre Lemaire
Donald Wolfit – Judge
Norman Wooland – Pelton

Year of Production 1956

Running Time: 89 mins approx
Black & White
Format: 4:3
Region: 0
Sound: Dual Mono
Encryption: CSS

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