Goodnight Mister Tom on DVD


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Goodnight Mister Tom on DVD

WITH OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. Drama. Colour.Year: 1998. Running time approx. 101 min.

Director: Jack Gold.
Stars: John Thaw; Nick Robinson; Annabelle Apsion; Thomas Orange; William Armstrong; Geoffrey Beevers and Mossie Smith.

John Thaw stars as cantankerous widower Tom Oakley in this charming film adaptation of the prize-winning children’s novel by Michelle Magorian. When the Second World War is declared, Tom finds that his quiet village life is set to change when nine-year-old Willie Beech, (Nick Robinson), is evacuated from London and billeted on him. Willie is a quiet, sad child with a deprived and disturbing past, but he slowly begins to flourish under the care of ‘Mister Tom’ and enjoys an idyllic village life. Gradually, a strong bond of friendship develops between the two. Then, quite suddenly, Willie is summoned back to the terrors of Blitz-torn London by his mother, (Annabell Apsion). Tom is left feeling lonely. Wondering if he will ever see his the boy again, he sets off for London to find him.

The story takes place in the fictional village of Little Weirwold, actually Turville, Buckinghamshire, a perfect English village. The London scenes are filmed around Woolwich Arsenal.

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