Funny Up North: The History Of Northern Comedy DVD


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Funny Up North: The History Of Northern Comedy DVD

Unique documentary featuring a cavalcade of Northern comedy stars including the great Frank Randle, George Formby, Arthur Askey, Norman Evans and many more. A Great companion DVD piece for the Best of British Northern comedy range . The North of England has always enjoyed it s own very particular brand of comedy, best seen today in Coronation Street. 80 years ago however Mancunian Studios produced feature films for the northern masses. Funny Up North tells the story of the Mancunian Studios, it s eccentric owner John E Blakely and it s cavalcade of stars including such household names as Arthur Askey, Jimmy Jewell, George Formby and the legendary Frank Randle. Hosted by Professor Chris Lee, the authority on Northern Cinema, Funny Up North takes you on a journey from it s humble beginnings to it s sad demise in the 1960 s. It’s reet good!

Bonus Feature: 30 minute John Inman tribute to Frank Randle

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