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From the British Film Institute:

That Sinking Feeling

A film by Bill Forsyth

Dual Format Edition DVD and Blu-Ray

Year: 1979 | Optional Subtitles | Colour | Running Time: approx. 93 minutes

Unemployed teenager Ronnie, (played by Robert Buchanan), and his hapless pals spend their time hanging around the rainy parks and dingy cafés of Glasgow, but their world is about to change when Ronnie hatches a plan to make them all rich by stealing a job-lot of stainless steel sinks. Hilarious and inventive, Forsyth’s zero budget debut provides an authentic depiction of 1970s Glasgow youth culture, and is presented here for the first time in a new HD transfer complete with the original Glaswegian dialogue track.


Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition.

New audio commentary with Bill Forsyth and Mark Kermode.

KH-4 (John Schorstein, 1969, 13 min): starring Bill Forsyth.

Mirror (John Schorstein, 1970, 33 min): starring Bill Forsyth.

Glasgow 1980 (Oscar Marzaroli, 1971, 30 min): travel documentary.

Bill Forsyth BAFTA Film (Bill Forsyth, 2009, 7 min).

Kermode Uncut (2012, 9 min): an analysis of the budget for That Sinking Feeling.

A Conversation with Robert Buchanan (2014, 14 min).

Optional alternative dubbed dialogue track.

Fully illustrated booklet with new essays and full credits.

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