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Flying 55 DVD

Adapting a novel by Edgar Wallace, one of the twentieth century’s most successful and prolific thriller writers, Flying 55 sets an exciting tale of double-crossing and blackmail amid the glamour of the horse-racing world. Featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements, Flying 55 is showcased in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Bill Urquhart, a young wastrel disinherited by his father, tries to get a job as a jockey – just about the only thing he’s really good at. His name and position work against him, however, so he adopts an alias and prevails upon the charity of a drunken friend, through whom he meets Stella Barrington – who has not only inherited her father’s racing stables but also his debts. Still incognito, he takes on the job of stable lad for Stella but little does she realise that he could be the man to finally put an end to her money worries forever…

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