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High Treason (1951); Dublin Nightmare (1958); The Big Chance (1957); & Deadly Nightshade (1953).

A collection of four British Film Noir gems from the 1950s.

4 films; 4 discs. Film Noir. Black & White. Running time approx: 4hrs 30 min. 

Stars: Liam Redmond, Anthony Bushell, Adrienne Corri, Emrys Jones, André Morell, William Russell, Marla Landi, Zena Marshall, Richard Leech, William Sylvester and more.

High Treason (1951)

Stars: Liam Redmond, Anthony Bushell, André Morell, Joan Hickson & many more.
Director: Roy Boulting. Running time: 90 mins.
Cold war tensions are high and the threat of nuclear war is a real possibility. Espionage and counter espionage plots abound. A ship is blown up in the Port of London and Special Branch discover a communist plot to sabotage power stations. Will the authorities foil the saboteurs before they can put their deadly plan into action? Beautifully shot on London’s streets with period detail. Features many well-known British actors in both credited and uncredited roles.


Deadly Nightshade (1953)

Stars: Emrys Jones, Zena Marshall, John Horsely, Joan Hickson & more.
Director: John Gilling. Running time: 59 mins.
An escaped prisoner, serving a sentence for manslaughter, discovers his perfect double. He attempts to persuade the man to swap identities with him, but instead becomes involved in a plan to smuggle atomic scientists out of the country. Emrys Jones plays both parts, ably conveying the sense of unease and the ambiguity of both characters. Zena Marshall is the love interest and John Horsley is quietly understated as the affable but efficient Inspector Clements. Much of the tension comes from the contrast between the tranquil English rural setting and the psychological turmoil of the characters. Set in Cornwall and London with scenes including the Looe area and Hammersmith.

The Big Chance (1957)

Stars: Adrienne Corri, William Russell, Ian Colin, Penelope Bartley & Ferdy Mayne.
Director: Peter Graham Scott. Running time: approx 59 mins.
Bill Anderson has a mundane job as a clerk in a travel agency. Trapped in a loveless marriage, he dreams of a more exciting existence. When a client at the travel agency changes his travel plans and returns tickets to Panama just before a bank holiday, Bill decides to stake his chance. He arrives at the airport where he strikes up a conversation with a beautiful woman. When their flight is postponed she entices him away from the airport, but all is not as it seems. Shot in 1950s London with nostalgic street scenes, vintage vehicles and fashions of the day.

Dublin Nightmare (1958)

Stars: William Sylvester, Marla Landi and Richard Leech.
Director: John Pomeroy. Running time: 62 mins. 
A Republican returns to Dublin to aid the cause by taking part in a robbery. A photographer
investigates the crime, as one of his friends was murdered when it took place. William Sylvester plays a determined man; Richard Leech is excellent and Marla Landi is the enigmatic Anna. 

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