Elstree Studios A Celebration Of Film And Television


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ELSTREE STUDIOS: A Celebration of Film and Television
This book is a tribute to ninety years of film and television production at our world-famous site. Elstree Studios is home to some of the most successful and enduring film and television programmes ever produced in the UK. From Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail and the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films, to television shows such as The Saint, Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing. With contributions from actors, directors and behind-the-scenes personnel, the publication traces the studios` history, from its humble beginnings, through the golden age of film, tough times and the threat of closure to becoming London`s number one film and television studio today. In addition, the title is lavishly illustrated with over 250 images. It is a celebration of world-class film and television, and provides an intriguing insight into the past glories and hurdles we have faced, while looking forward to an exciting future.