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Fighter Ace
Reach for the Sky DVD

Reach for the Sky DVD

War Biography. Black & White. 1 DVD. Year: 1956 Running time: over two hours. Extras: stills gallery, production notes.

Director: Lewis Gilbert.
Cast: Kenneth More; Muriel Pavlow; Lyndon Brook; Lee Patterson;  Alexander Knox; Dorothy Alison; Michael Warre; Sydney Tafler; Howard Marion-Crawford and more.

The remarkable story of Sir Douglas Bader, CBE, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar, DL, FRAeS. As a young and ambitious pilot, he is badly injured after a plane crash. Although doctors expect him to die, he survives but loses both legs. Determined not to be changed by the accident, he re-enters the RAF,
bent on continuing his career as a pilot. In 1941, Bader bails out over France, is caught, escapes and recaptured, ending up in Colditz Castle. Kenneth More was cast as Bader and they played a round of golf together. Filming took place at RAF Kenley, Surrey and around Caterham.
Aircraft including Hurricanes and Spitfire fighters were arranged to take part in the aerial scenes.

Fighter Ace Paperback Book

The Extraordinary Life of Douglas Bader, Battle of Britain Hero

Paperback book by Dilip Sarkar. 20 pages of black & white photos. 361 pages. Book dimensions: 12.5cm x 19.8cm x 2.5cm.

The first biography to truly separate fact from myth and legend. Douglas Bader’s story of defies fiction. A fighter ace and highly decorated war hero, he became a household name in the 1950s thanks to the bestselling book and blockbuster film Reach for the Sky, which charted his wartime exploits. His name remains the one the general public associates most with the Battle of Britain. That he overcame his disability and flew into battle, leading squadrons of Spitfires and Hurricanes in the air battle of summer 1940, is remarkable. His first aerial victory, a Messerschmitt 109, was recorded over Dunkirk on 1st June 1940. During the Battle of Britain he claimed the destruction of seven more enemy aircraft. Reports of his aerial victories abounded. Dilip Sarker spent twenty years researching this book, writing in close co-operation with many wartime pilots.


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