Diana Dors Yield to the Night on DVD


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Diana Dors Yield to the Night on DVD

 Fully restored new edition with Optional Subtitles 

Yield to the Night (1956) on DVD

Total Run Time: 96 minutes approx. | 1 Disc | Black & White.

Director: J. Lee Thompson.
Cast: Diana Dors, Yvonne Mitchell, Hilda MacFarlane, Michael Craig, Marie Ney, Geoffrey Keen, Olga Lindo,Liam Redmond, Joan Miller, Harry Locke, Marjorie Rhodes, Molly Urquhart, Mary Mackenzie, Michael Ripper, Joyce Blair, Charles Clay, Alec Finter, Dandy Nichols, Athene Seyler, Mona Washbourne and Mercia Shaw.

EXTRAS: Interview with Michael Craig;Interview with Melanie Williams, Film Historian, 1956 interview with Diana Dors; British Pathé Yield to the Night Premiere; Behind the scenes Stills Gallery.

The powerful story of salesgirl Mary Hilton, convicted of murder and sentenced to hang. Held in a condemned cell, she remembers the events that led to her crime. Falling in love with impoverished musician Jim, she left her neglectful husband for him, only to find his affection deflected by his tragic affair with socialite Lucy Carpenter. Heartbroken, Mary snaps – transforming her love for him into a murderous hatred for her rival. Imprisoned and desperately afraid; each day the end grows closer and she attempts to settle matters with her family as she awaits her final sentencing – or a possible reprieve.

Nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

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