Danziger Crime Series


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Danziger Crime Series

Four Episodes from two Classic British TV Series

Running Time: 100 min

Saber of London

This hit show featured the crime solving exploits of a gallant and charming one-armed private investigator, who greeted his viewers with the famous words “I’m Mark Saber – and this is London”.

Cast and Crew: Donald Gray, Gordon Jackson, Colin Tapley.

The Penny Black – Series 3 Episode 6

An argument over a priceless stamp turns to murder when a stamp dealer is found dead in his office. A rival collector is accused of the crime and the theft of the rare stamp but when he arrives at Saber’s office asking for help to clear his name, Saber must determine if he is helping an innocent man or being played for a fool.

Strong Man Out – Series 3 Episode 26

In an audacious daylight robbery an £8000 payroll is stolen from the Diamond Manufacturing Company. When notes taken from the heist begin to appear in circulation and two of the alleged robbers turn up dead, Saber must act quickly before anyone else is murdered.

Man From Interpol

“Crime is International but so is the Law”. This series plotted the globetrotting adventures of Anthony Smith, the man from Interpol, as he sought to bring master criminals from all corners of the world to justice.

Escape Route – Episode 6 

Henry Roper is a well respected banker with an impeccable employment record, or at least he was until he decided to steal £100,000 and flee the country for a new life on a tropical island in the South Seas. Hot on his trail is agent Anthony Smith who must bring both the money and Roper back to London.

The Big Racket – Episode 28

When a false passport bearing the name of a missing down-and-out is confiscated at an international airport, Interpol agent Anthony Smith is called in to solve the mystery. Smith soon discovers that this is not the first jet-setting homeless man to have gone missing from a local halfway house. Smith disguises himself and takes up residence at the home but he is playing a dangerous game by using himself as bait.

Cast and Crew: Richard Wyler as Interpol Agent Anthony (or Antony) Smith, John Longdon as Superintendent Mercer, John Serret as Inspector Gouthier / Inspector Frenay ( French Police Chief), Peter Allenby as Ricardi, of the Italian Carabineri.

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