CROWN COURT Volume One 4-DVD Box Set


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4-DVD Box Set

4 discs. 12 stories. Drama. Colour. Year: 1972. Running time approx: 15 hours. 

Cast: JOHN ALKIN, (The Sweeney; Angels), DAVID ASHFORD, (Doctor Who; Malice Aforethought), DOROTHY VERNON (Emmerdale; Coronation Street; ), BERNARD  GALLAGHER, (Together), CHARLES KEATING (Brideshead Revisited), RICHARD WARNER, (Mary, Queen of Scots) and EDWARD JEWESBURY (No Hiding Place; Boyd Q.C.).

Crown Court was first broadcast in 1972. Based in the fictional town of Fulchester, the stories were invented, but the jurors were real members of the public. Different endings were filmed prior to the verdict, adding an intensity and twist to the courtroom drama. This set contains the first twelve stories and features compelling cases which cover the spectrum of what would be judged in a courtroom – from GBH to drugs; from voluntary euthanasia to espionage.

This volume contains the first twelve stories in production order. 

Doctor’s Neglect? Stars: Rex Arundel and Petra Davies. A widow sues a hospital for neglect.

Lieberman V Savage Stars: Barbara Shelley, Wolfe Morris and Trevor Adams. A wealthy property developer attempts to evict his former fiancé from an apartment overlooking London’s Green Park. 

Regina V Lord Stars: Christopher Benjamin and Freda Dowie. A maths teacher at Fulchester school is accused of attacking a police officer.

Conspiracy – Regina V Luckhurst And Sawyer Stars: Keith Bell and Sara Clee.A radical young journalist and his girlfriend are  accused of conspiring to cause an explosion.

The Eleventh Commandment Stars: Terrence Hardiman, Lesley North, Patricia Fuller and Daphne Rogers. Two friends are accused of conspiring to shoplift a dress.

Regina V Vennings & Vennings Stars: Peter Jeffrey and Michael Ridgeway. Heroin smuggling charges after a yacht is searched on the Thames.

Regina V Bryant Stars: Bernard Brown, Mark McManus and Diane Keen. Charged with robbing a bank, a local villain defends himself.

Euthanasia – Regina V Webb Stars: Mark Eden and Denise Buckley. Did the defendant murder his cancer-stricken wife with an overdose of morphine?

A Genial Man – Regina V Bolton Stars: Stella Tanner, Robert Dorning and Jane Carr. A local councillor is accused of indecent assault.

Espionage – Regina V Terson Stars: Sylvia Kay and Morris Perry. A Foreign Office employee is accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act. 

Who Is Benedetto Trovato? Regina V Starkie Stars: Susan Engel and Warren Stanhope. An art dealer is accused of selling a fake.

Criminal Libel – Regina V Maitland Stars: Michael Petrovitch and Bernard Archard. A Wimbledon tennis player attempts suicide.

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