Cosh Boy


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From the British Film Institute   

Cosh Boy 

DVD & Blu Ray Edition

Director: Lewis Gilbert

Starring: Joan Collins, James Kenney, Betty Ann Davies, Robert Ayres,
Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Laurence Naismith, Sidney James.

Year: 1953;  Black and White.

2 discs:  DVD and Blu-ray editions

Running time: 73 minutes

Optional subtitles.

You will receive 2 discs: one will be a Blu Ray one will be a DVD.

A gang of juvenile delinquents tear up post-war London in Lewis Gilbertís shocking and energetic x-rated drama. Roy is a brash, chain-smoking thug who bullies his friends into subservience. He and his gang assault and rob people on the street, but things get increasingly dangerous when their behaviour escalates to murderous consequences. 

One of the first British films to receive an ‘X’ certificate, Cosh Boy is unafraid to tackle a host of taboo subjects, resulting in a penetrating portrait of 1950s Britain and its simmering social tensions.


Stranger in the City (1961, 22 mins): short film by Robert Hartford-Davis about Soho in the 1960s.

Johnny on the Run (1953, 68 mins): Lewis Gilbert’s Children’s Film Foundation production starring Sydney Tafler featuring an appearance by Dad’s Army actor John Laurie.

The Ten Year Plan (1945, 17 mins): COI film by Lewis Gilbert featuring Charles Hawtrey.

Harmony Lane (1954, 24 mins): musical comedy short by Lewis Gilbert.

Teddy Boys (1956, 8 mins)

Interview with Ian Whittaker (6 mins): short interview with one of the stars of Cosh Boy

US title sequence (1952, 3 mins): opening sequence to the US cut, featuring alternative footage and titles. 

Fully illustrated booklet with articles by Matthew Coniam, an essay on the fashion in Cosh Boy by Jenny Hammerton and full film credits.

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