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Children’s Film Foundation

Nine newly remastered adventures from the vaults of the Children’s Film Foundation.
9 films; 3
discs. Children’s. 1947 – 1980. Black & White and Colour.
Running time approx: more than 8 hrs.

Stars: Keith Chegwin, Carol White, Robin Askwith, Peter Butterworth and  more.

Extras: five short films from the Children’s Film Foundation collection: Bouncer Breaks Up (1953); A Good Pull-Up (1953), The Chiffy Kids; (1976); The Magnificent 6 and ½ (1976); and Our Magazine No 11 (1955). Plus Danger at the CFF (2023), a new documentary by filmmaker Jason Gurr who revisits some of the stunts that featured in the films and an illustrated booklet featuring new writing by CFF expert Vic Pratt and a CFF quiz by the BFI’s Trevona Thomson.

Escapist fun and vintage thrills galore feature in this latest selection of time-capsules and old-school classics from the vaults of the BFI National Archive – from the nostalgic 1940s, up to the electric 1980s. Well-known names in film-making such as Gerald Thomas and Peter Rogers of Carry On renown, trailblazing female director Muriel Box and adventure- specialist Don Chaffey feature behind the cameras plus famous actors in front of the lens!

The Secret Tunnel (1947)
Director: William C. Hammond. Cast: Tony Wager, Ivor Bowyer and Murray Matheson. Two boys set out to bring the thieves of a Rembrandt painting to justice.

Circus Friends (1956)
Director: Gerald Thomas. Cast: Carol White, Alan Coleshill, David Tilley, Pat Belcher, Sam Kydd & more. When Marlow’s circus comes to town the circus children and their friends decide to work together make the season a success.

The Piper’s Tune (1962)
Director: Muriel Box. Cast: Mavis Ranson, Roberta Tovey, Angela White, Malcolm Ranson, Brian Wills & more.
During the Napoleonic Wars child refugees involved with a Pyrenean escape route must decide whether to save a wounded enemy.

The Rescue Squad (1963)
Director: Colin Bell. Cast: Shirley Joy, Christopher Brett, Malcolm Knight, Peter Butterworth, Renee Houston, Michael Balfour & more. A group of children are trapped in an abandoned tower when they attempt to retrieve their toy plane.

Daylight Robbery (1964)
Director: Michael Truman. Cast: Trudy Moors, Janet Hannington, Kirk Martin, Darryl Read, Gordon Jackson, Janet Munro, Zena Walker & more
A group of kids attempt to foil some bank robbers.

All at Sea (1969)
Director: Ken Fairbairn. Cast: Gary Smith, Stephen Mallett, Stephen Childs, Sara Nicholls & more. Douglas is given a suspicious parcel to deliver to his pen pal in Tangiers.

The Hostages (1975)
Director: David Eady. Cast: Robin Askwith, Stephen Garlick, Jayne Collins, Peter Marshall, Ray Barrett and Lucinda Gorell-Barnes . Escaped convicts break into a farmhouse and take three children hostage while their parents are out.

Robin Hood Junior (1975)
Directors: Matt McCarthy and John Black. Cast: Keith Chegwin, Mandy Tulloch, Andrew Sachs, Keith Jayne, Maurice Kaufmann & more. Robin Hood Junior helps Maid Marion to escape from her wicked uncle.

The Boy Who Never Was (1980)
Director: Frank Godwin. Cast: Gordon Hagan, Paul Alantis, Christian Bulloch & more. A an African diplomat’s son is kidnapped.

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