Appointment with Venus


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Appointment with Venus

1 DVD | Year of release: 1951 | Running Time: 83 mins approx | Black and white.

Director: Ralph Thomas. Stars: David Niven, Glynis Johns, George Coulouris, Barry Jones.

Based on a true story, Appointment With Venus is a fine example of the indomitable British spirit during World War II in the face of Nazi tyranny.

The Nazis occupied the Channel Islands in 1940. Amongst the population on the tiny island of Amorel is Venus, a pedigree cow, whose ability to produce high quality milk is legendary. So well-known is Venus that she has even come to the attention of Hitler who wants to send her to Germany to breed with the Teutonic herds he claims are the best in the world. To deny Hitler and boost morale at home, British Special Forces, led by Major Moreland (David Niven) and ably assisted by Nicola Fallaize (Glynis Johns) and the Islanders, mount a dangerous operation to rescue Venus and return her to England.

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