Appointment with Terror! The 60s 4-DVD Box Set.


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Appointment with Terror! The 60s
4-DVD Box Set.

Four horror classics from the 60s! Do You Know This Voice? (1964);

Danger Tomorrow (1960); West 11 (1963) and 24 Hours to Kill (1965)

4 discs. Horror. Colour and Black & White. Running time: over 5 hrs. 

Special Features: German Theatrical Trailer. Image Gallery. Original Pressbook.

Stars: Dan Duryea, Gwen Watford, Zena Walker, Alfred Lynch, Rupert Davies, Lisa Daniely, Diana Dors, Robert Urquhart, Eric Portman, Isa Miranda, Kathleen Harrison, Mickey Rooney and more.

Stars: Dan Duryea, Isa Miranda, Gwen Watford, Peter Madden and Barry Warren. Director: Frank Nesbitt.  Running time: 77 mins. When a ransom bid results in the death of a child, the police have only one lead – the old lady who witnessed the kidnapper using a public phone box. She volunteers to act as bait for the killer, telling the press she has seen the kidnapper’s face, she waits for him to attack… 

Stars: Zena Walker, Robert Urquhart, Lisa Daniely, Rupert Davies & Annabel Maule. Director: Terry Bishop.  Running time: 59 mins.  A doctor and his wife move into an old country house where he is to assist the local GP. In the days that follow, the doctor’s wife Ginny has strange visions – and with them comes a strong belief that her life is in mortal danger… Special Feature: Original Theatrical Trailer.

WEST 11 (1963)
Stars: Alfred Lynch, Kathleen Breck, Eric Portman, Diana Dors and Kathleen Harrison. Director: Michael Winner. Running time: 89 mins. Joe Beckett, seasoned citizen of the bedsitter belt, aged about 22, is, to use his own description, ‘an emotional leper’. He decides that he needs a violent shock to shake him back into life, and accepts a commission to murder a total stranger for a man he meets in a coffee bar…  This early feature from Michael Winner is a brilliantly gritty crime thriller, with a story of alienation and amorality amid the faded grandeur and seedy clubs of early-sixties Notting Hill. Alfred Lynch leads the excellent cast, with an outstandingly vulnerable performance from Diana Dors. Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer. Alternative scenes made for the overseas market. Image gallery.
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24 HOURS TO KILL (1965)
Stars: Mickey Rooney, Lex Barker, Walter Slezak, Michael Medwin and Helga Sommerfeld. Director: Peter Bezencenet. Running time: 89 mins. When a jet airliner with engine trouble lands in Beirut for a twenty-four hour stopover, purser ‘Jonesey’ fears his life is in danger from a gold-smuggling gang whom he double-crossed on a previous trip. So begins a day of chilling suspense, as he and other crew member find themselves embroiled in a desperate race to get out of the country alive! Combining glamour, humour and action – with stunning location film of mid-sixties Beirut before middle-east strife destroyed the once glamorous capital. The film has a touch of 60s spy movie about it with action sequences, drinks laced with drugs, shady people and danger, plus a surprise ending.  

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