An interview with Alfred Burke on DVD


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An interview with Alfred Burke on DVD

The man behind Talking Pictures TV favourite, FRANK MARKER.

Number of discs: 1. Colour. | Running Time approx: 50mins.
Extra: PDF screen credits for Alfred Burke. 

Interviewed by Christopher Perry.

From early performances in film and on stage, Alfred Burke talks frankly about his acting career. Filmed in December 2011, this rare interview was never transmitted. It reveals a serious minded actor with a long career which included: The Angry Silence, Touch and Go, Interpol, Yangtse Incident and Buccaneers. His most famous role was Frank Marker in the series Public Eye, (1965-1975). His understated but compelling portrayal of the down-at-heel private eye made the series one of the most popular and highly rated detective dramas on British television. He played many characters, from Long John Silver to Pope John Paul II’s father and Major Richter in Enemy at the Door. He has also played parts in Minder, The Night Caller, The Nanny, The Pot Carriers, Crooks Anonymous and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets plus many more.

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