Adam Faith Limited Edition Collector’s Vinyl Single “Made You”


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Adam Faith Limited Edition Collector’s Vinyl Single “Made You”

This COLLECTORS EDITION, 7-inch single vinyl record features a previously unreleased version of Made You, as performed in the film Beat Girl  by Adam Faith. With a suitably retro-style cover featuring a scene from the film, this limited edition single deserves a place in your record collection and a spin on your deck!

Adam Faith was working as a film cutter in London and playing in a skiffle group at the legendary 2is Coffee Bar, before he was talent spotted by Jack Good. A series of TV appearances lead him to star in the now widely regarded cult film Beat Girl. Faith even took drama and elocution lessons before appearing in the film. When the film soundtrack to Beat Girl was released, a studio version with the John Barry Seven was part of the official soundtrack. The BBC banned Made You for lyrics that it considered ‘lewd’ – this must have only encouraged the rebellious spirit of the teenagers who bought it, as the released version made the top ten on the UK charts. We present to you, for the first time, the raw, uncut version of Made You as heard in the film.