A Night at the MUSIC HALL 4-CD set


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A Night at the MUSIC HALL 4-CD set

99 REMASTERED tracks. Approx: 5 hours of music.

The ultimate collection for Music Hall fans.

 Music Hall, a uniquely British form of entertainment, lasted for about 75 years, until the advent of radio, films and variety. Legend has it that the story began in the Canterbury pub in London’s Westminster Bridge Road,  when Charles Morton opened a room to which men could bring their wives and be entertained as they drank. The venture was so successful that, in 1854, he opened ‘The Surrey Music Hall’. Within a few years music halls could be found throughout Britain. The advent of recorded sound when music hall was in its ‘Golden Age’ meant that many comic turns and songs were captured on discs. The 99 remastered tracks on this 4-CD set feature famous artists and songs of the era, such as Harry Champion (Boiled Beef & Carrots), Florrie Forde (Down at The Old Bull & Bush, Marie Lloyd (A Little of What You Fancy), Mark Sheridan (Beside the Seaside), and Gertie Gitana (Nellie Dean). Each disc includes a booklet giving insight into the era and artistes.

Artistes included in this set:

Harry Champion, Clarice Mayne, George Bastow, George Formby Snr, Marie Lloyd, Ada Reeve, Harry Fragson, Mark Sheridan, Florrie Forde, Vesta Victoria, Gus Elen, Alec Hurley, Herbert Campbell, Maidie Scott, George Robey, Sam Mayo, Bransby Williams, Vesta Tilley, Eugene Stratton, Ella Retford, Charles Whittle, Louis Bradfield, Sir Henry Lytton, George Lashwood, Lillie Langtry, Alf Gibson, Harry Weldon, Beth Tate, Julia McKay, Gertie Gitana, Ella Shields, Albert Whelan, Billy Williams, Belle Davis and Lil Hawthorne.

Songs included in this set:

I’m Henry The Eighth, Hello Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend?, Who Were You With Last Night?, Old Bull & Bush, If It Wasn’t for the ’Ouses in Between, Hold Your Hand Out You Naughty Boy, Burlington Bertie from Bow, When Father Papered the Parlour and many more! 

A right old knees up from start to finish! 

Just £25.00 for all 4 discs with 99 tracks with free UK postage.

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