WATER GYPSIES Paperback Book


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WATER GYPSIES Paperback Book

by Julian Dutton

174 Pages. 8 pages of colour plates; 100 black & white Illustrations.
Book dimensions: 23.4cm x 15.6cm 1.5cm.

For centuries, living on Britain’s waterways was part of our social history, from the fisherfolk of ancient Britain to the bohemian houseboat dwellers of the 1950s. Julian Dutton – who was born and grew up on a houseboat – traces the evolution of boat-dwelling, from the heyday of the industrial canals to life afloat as an alternative lifestyle in postwar Britain. Drawing on personal accounts and with a beautiful collection of illustrations, Water Gypsies is both a vivid narrative of a unique way of life and a valuable addition to social history.

“There could be no better or more informative guide to a history of life aboard. Whether you want to know about working boats, prison hulks, Dickensian houseboats, pleasure cruisers, floating restaurants or artists’ retreats, this book is for you.” Samuel West

“Love the book! Super-informative facts and history.” Thames Path National Trail

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