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They Were Sisters

Running Time: 1hour 49min approx.  Black and White. Year: 1945

Cast: Phyllis Calvert, James Mason, Hugh Sinclair,  Anne Crawford, Dulcie Gray, Peter Murray-Hill and Barry Livesey.

Director: Arthur Crabtree.

The story of three sisters who marry three very different men during the inter-war years, and their individual and widely varied married lives. Although set just before the war, the situations depicted in the film struck a powerful chord with audiences, who turned it into one of the biggest homegrown hits of 1945.

Charlotte, Lucy and Vera are three sisters who marry men of very diverse characters. Geoffrey is an ambitious businessman who marries Charlotte because he wants a submissive wife, however boredom with his marriage only increases his cruelty towards her. William is a dependable, kindly man who recognises in Lucy a kindred spirit. Vera is self-centred and views her marriage to Brian as one of convenience, allowing her to take lovers when she desires. As the years pass the sisters’ marriages encompass joy and sadness, but as Geoffrey’s behaviour towards Charlotte threatens her emotional stability, the sisters decide to unite, with tragic consequences…

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