The Terrornauts [DVD]


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The Terrornauts [DVD]

Doomwatch star Simon Oates takes the lead role in this cult ’60s sci-fi gem, adapted from visionary author Murray Leinster s novel The Wailing Asteroid by fellow Hugo-Award winner John Brunner. Also starring Bond girl Zena Marshall and featuring typically comedic turns from Patricia Hayes and Charles Hawtrey, The Terrornauts is presented here in brand-new transfers from the original film elements of both its initial theatrical and subsequent, shortened versions.

Joe Burke heads a radio telescope project at a British observatory, hoping to pick up signs of life from another planet; thus far, the team has reported no positive results. But just when the project is about to be cancelled, Burke discovers a faint signal the same mysterious signal that intrigued and haunted him as a child and decides to respond…

[+] Shorter, re-release version
[+] Original theatrical version (viewers will notice a drop in quality)
[+] Original US theatrical trailer
[+] Image gallery

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