The Shamrock Spitfire DVD


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The Shamrock Spitfire DVD

The true story of Spitfire Paddy


War. Colour. Year: 2024. Running time approx. 104 min.

Directors: Dominic & Ian Higgins. Stars: Shane O’Regan, Chris Kaye, Bethany Billy, Jamie B. Chambers, Chris Wilson, Carl Wharton, Sophia Eleni & Reggie McHale.

The Shamrock Spitfire chronicles the epic true story of Brendan “Paddy” Finucane, one of the most celebrated fighter aces of World War II and the youngest Wing Commander in the history of the RAF. The future of Europe hangs by a thread as fierce battles rage in the skies over southern England. Irishman Brendan Finucane, with his dreams of being a flyer, is one of the first to enlist into the Royal Air Force. Having his baptism of fire in the Battle of Britain, Brendan proves himself to be a natural born fighter pilot. His exploits in the air rapidly gain him fame and promotion through the ranks. It is not long before he is given command of 452 Australian Squadron. Under Brendan’s leadership they will become the stuff of legend. The film beautifully depicts the lives of fighter pilots in WWII, with dogfighting scenes portrayed with realistic accuracy.

Finucane still holds the record for being the RAF’s youngest ever wing commander, having been promoted to the position aged 21. Living up to his compatriots’ reputation as the “most belligerent neutrals” around, he proved a more than capable scrapper in a fighter plane. ‘Paddy’ is portrayed as a quiet, disciplined and determined young man doing his best in the most dangerous of circumstances, gaining everyone’s respect along the way. Shane O’Regan brings depth and charisma to the lead character, conveying the passion and courage of the war hero. The supporting cast also excels, bringing a rich ensemble of characters to life and adding to the narrative. The film sheds light on a hero who fell in the heat of battle in a war he had no need to participate in.

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