The Old Mother Riley Collection


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Arthur Lucan is Old Mother Riley. The full collection on three discs, eight features plus a bonus documentary.

A fully restored Old Mother Riley collection- including Bridgets Night Out and the lost film Old Mother Riley (1937).

“Arthur Lucan was a comedian of genius.” Rachael Low.

“Lucan at his best is a superb comedian.” Leslie Halliwell.


Bridget’s Night Out (1936)
An Irish mother waits up for her daughter with a pile of dirty dishes and a rolling pin. Directed by Oswald Mitchell, Challis Sanderson. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane.

Old Mother Riley (1937) Mother Riley and her daughter stop the plans of some disinherited relatives to overturn the terms of a will. Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Barbara Everest, Patrick Ludlow.

Old Mother Riley in Paris (1938) Old Mother Riley and her lovely daughter Kitty both lose their jobs – and only an insurance claim can save them from ruin. Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Jerry Verno.

Old Mother Riley MP (1939) Old Mother Riley runs foul of her local council and decides to take matters into her own hands by running for Parliament. However, are the voting public ready for Old Mother Riley’s unique form of canvassing? Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Torin Thatcher, Henry B. Longhurst.

Old Mother Riley Headmistress (1950) Daughter Kitty is sacked from her job as music teacher at an exclusive girls school, but Mother Riley unexpectedly comes into an inheritance, and decides to buy the girls school and give Kitty her job back. Directed by John Harlow. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, The Luton Girls Choir, Willer Neal, Cyril Smith, C. Denier Warren, Enid Hewitt, Paul Sheridan, Harry Herbert, Oswald Waller, Jenny Mathot, Myrette Morven, Ethel Royal, Bill Stephens, Catherine Carleton (Katie Boyle).

Old Mother Riley’s Jungle Treasure (1951) Mother Riley, working in an antique shop with daughter Kitty, uncovers a secret treasure map hidden in the headboard of an antique bed. With the help of the ghost of the pirate Captain Morgan, mother and daughter head for a remote tropical island in the South Seas and begin their hunt for buried treasure. Directed by Maclean Rogers. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Garry Marsh, Cyril Chamberlain, Robert Adams, Roddy Hughes, Willer Neal, Anita D’ray, Sebastian Cabot, Bill Shine, Peter Butterworth, Peter Swanwick, Harry Lane, Michael Ripper, Maria Mercedes, Gerald Rex.

Old Mother Riley’s New Venture (1949) The owner of a five star London hotel leaves for a holiday, and to everyone’s surprise promotes Old Mother Riley from kitchen dishwasher to manageress. Directed by John Harlow. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Chili Bouchier, Willer Neal, Sebastian Cabot, Wilfred Babbage, Maureen Riscoe, Fred Groves, C. Denier Warren, Paul Sheridan, Arthur Gomez, John Le Mesurier.

Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (1952) Von Housen seeks to dominate the world from his headquarters in London with an army of 50,000 radar-controlled robots, however his one functional robot is shipped to Old Mother Riley’s store instead, with Mother Riley’s package sent to Von Housen. Seeing Mother Riley’s address in the label, Von Housen abducts Mother Riley and take her to his headquarters. Directed by John Gilling. Cast: Arthur Lucan, Bela Lugosi, María Mercedes, Dora Bryan, Philip Leaver, Richard Wattis, Graham Moffatt, Roderick Lovell, David Hurst, Judith Furse, Ian Wilson, Hattie Jacques, Dandy Nichols, Cyril Smith, Lawrence Naismith, Bill Shine, John Le Mesurier.

PLUS a bonus documentary starring Brian Murphy on the life of Arthur and Kitty.


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