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The Magic Box

Running time: 103 mins approx | Colour | Year 1951

See 60 famous film stars in the romantic story of the one of the pioneers of British film history!

This 1951 biographical drama was directed by John Boulting with cinematography by Jack Cardiff and stars Robert Donat, as William Freise-Greene, the designer of one of the earliest working movie cameras, British inventor and pioneer in cinema. The film follows the life of this talented and inspiring man, who should be revered but is sadly little remembered today. Told in
flashback, the film follows the inventor’s search for a way to project moving pictures, an obsession that changed the lives of those he loved. 

Cast: Margaret Johnston, Maria Schell, David Oake, Janette Scott, John Howard Davies, Robert Beatty, Richard Attenborough, Basil Sydney, Bernard Miles, Eric Portman, Mary Ellis, Muir Mathieson, Joyce Grenfell, Dennis Price, Margaret Rutherford, Mervyn Johns, Glynis Johns, Frederick Valk, Ronald Shiner, Peter Reynolds.
Also appearing: Bessie Love, Cecil Parker, David Tomlinson, Kay Walsh, Laurence Olivier, Marius Goring, Sheila Sim, Michael Denison, Michael Hordern, Sid James, Peter Ustinov, Bernard Miles, Stanley Holloway, Thora Hird, William Hartnell, Googie Withers, Sybil Thorndike, Joan Hickson, Amy Veness, Marjorie Fielding, Michael Redgrave.


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