The Four Just Men The Complete Series 5-DVD Box Set


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The Four Just Men The Complete Series 5-DVD Box Set

ALL 39 EPISODES COMPLETE AND UNCUT.  5 discs.  Crime. Black & White.  Years: 1959/1960. Running time approx: 16hrs 15 mins. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: Extensive image galleries as well as Press and PR.

Cast: Jack Hawkins, Vittorio de Sica, Dan Dailey, Richard Conte, Honor Blackman, June Thorburn, Lisa Gastoni and Andrew Keir.


Series begins: 9pm Saturday 7th January and continues every Saturday at 9pm. 


Loosely based on the novel by Edgar Wallace, this series features an astonishing array of talent: Jack Hawkins (The Cruel Sea), Richard Conte (The Godfather) and Oscar nominees Vittorio de Sica and Dan Dailey star as the four men who have sworn to pursue justice and defeat tyranny worldwide. Their regular co-stars include Avengers star Honor Blackman, Lisa Gastoni, June Thorburn and Andrew Keir.

Four men who last met in battle during the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943 are summoned to hear a message from their wartime commanding officer, Colonel Bacon, shortly before his death. He asks to them to fight injustice and the abuse of power, and has bequeathed a large sum of money for that purpose. London MP and amateur sleuth Ben Manfred, American reporter Tim Collier, New York lawyer Jeff Ryder and Italian hotelier Ricco Poccari agree to carry out the Colonel’s dying wish, and their epic mission takes the Four Just Men across Europe and beyond. 

The cosmopolitan flavour and stylish settings of the series combined crimefighting with the glamour of exotic locations in Britain, France, and Italy and a touch of romance. The Four Just Men garnered rave reviews from critics and was a major success, notable for a unique format in which each of the protagonists and their co-stars appeared in turn, in separate episodes and storylines. Judi Dench, Mai Zetterling, Alan Bates, Jane Asher, Donald Pleasence, Oliver Reed, Fenella Fielding, Brenda De Banzie, Patrick Troughton, Jess Conrad, Robert Shaw, Warren Mitchell, Richard O’Sullivan, Paul Eddington, Margaret Tyzack and  Kenneth Connor are among the guests in this classic series, with Frank Thornton making numerous appearances as an extra.

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