The British Thriller Film Collection 2-DVD Set


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The British Thriller Film Collection
2-DVD Set

A triple film collection of British thrillers: Gunpowder,
The Woman in Question
and Girl In The Headlines. 

2 discs. Running time: 257 mins approx.
Starring:  Ian Hendry, Dirk Bogarde, Gordon Jackson, Jean Kent Ronald Fraser and many more.
This great value collection features British thrillers from three different decades.

GUNPOWDER is a humorous crime drama in which the rough and ready Gunn (David Gilliam) and the calm gentlemanly Powder (Martin Potter), overseen by Gordon Jackson, try to defeat an organisation which is disrupting the world economy.
Action/Comedy. Year: 1986. Director: Norman J Warren.
Cast: Gordon Jackson, Martin Potter, David Miller, Debra Burton, David Gilliam and Anthony Schaeffer. 
A beautiful woman exchanges a vast amount of gold for cash, creating panic across the securities exchange. Interpol call in their top men, Mike Gunn and his sidekick Powder, to handle the case. While their boss, (Gordon Jackson), plays with his train set, they discover molten gold in milk cartons and a kidnapped scientist, trapped in France. 

THE GIRL IN THE HEADLINES Ian Hendry leads a strong British cast. A beautiful young woman is tragically murdered, but the inspector encounters a suspicious level of resistance.
Crime Drama. Year: 1963. Director: Michael Truman.
Cast: Ian Hendry, Ronald Fraser, Jeremy Brett, Jane Asher, Natasha Parry, Margaret Johnston, Kieron Moore, Peter Arne and Zena Walker. 
The police are called in to investigate the murder of a glamorous model. It becomes apparent that she had led a chequered life and her acquaintances included drug dealers. When the police finally make an arrest, another murder occurs in a seedy Soho jazz café. Are the two murders connected?

THE WOMAN IN QUESTION is an absorbing whodunit told in flashback, in which the investigation of a woman’s death is complicated by the fact that everyone who is questioned speaks of the victim in entirely different ways.
Murder Mystery. Year: 1950. Director: Anthony Asquith.
Cast: Jean Kent, Dirk Bogarde, John McCallum, Susan Shaw, Hermione Baddeley, Lana Morris, Charles Victor and Duncan Macrae.
In a small British village, fortune-teller Astra is found murdered at her house. Detective Lodge and Inspector Butler question her friends and neighbours, revealing widely differing interpretations of the dead woman’s character.

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