The Astonished Heart


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The Astonished Heart

Starring Noel Coward and Celia Johnson, this classic film is finally released on DVD for your collection. This film was released in 1950 during the years of post war austerity when the cinema going public were clamouring for glamour. The main setting for the film is a Park Lane flat/office. White telephones, quilted headboards, furs, fresh flowers and cocktails are all in evidence. Adapted by Noel Coward from his own play and written with superb British precision The Astonished Heart is a tale of an adulterous love triangle. Coward creates an intriguing yet compassionate and sympathetic tale of marriage and infidelity fuelled by sexual obsession and human weakness. Dr Christian Faber (Noel Coward) has been happily married to his wife Barbara (Celia Johnson) for 12 years. Into their lives comes Leonora (Margaret Leighton) who when forced together during a period of Barbara s absence embarks on an affair with Christian. Barbara discovers the affair and as each person tries to avoid causing pain to the other two, all fail.

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