The Anthony Trollope Collection Three TV Series on Six DVDs


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The Anthony Trollope Collection

Three TV Series on Six DVDs

The Barchester Chronicles

The Way We Live Now

He Knew He Was Right

THREE SERIES ON 6 DVDS.  OPTIONAL SUBTITLES.  Running Time: over 15.5 hrs.  Drama.  Colour.

Stars: Donald Pleasence, Nigel Hawthorne, Alan Rickman, David Suchet, Geraldine McEwan, Susan Hampshire, Bill Nighy, Matthew Macfadyen,  Cillian Murphy, Geoffrey Palmer, Geraldine James and more.


Stars: Donald Pleasence, Alan Rickman, Nigel Hawthorne, Geraldine McEwan, Susan Hampshire
and Cyril Luckham.

Special Feature: Middle England’s Marvel, a profile of Peterborough Cathedral.

The community of Barchester is shaken when a newspaper’s crusade against the Church of England misfires. Rev. Harding becomes a pawn in a battle between one daughter’s beau and another daughter’s husband. A regime change delivers Barchester into the hands of a weak-willed Bishop Proudie, his domineering wife and the Rev. Obadiah Slope.


Stars: David Suchet, Matthew Macfadyen, Shirley Henderson and Cillian Murphy.

Special Feature: Anthony Trollope: Toffs & Tiaras.

This BAFTA award winning epic contains all the elements that made Trollope the most popular novelist of his day. Augustus Melmotte arrives in London with his wife and daughter. He appears charming and noble, but a deceitful financier lies beneath the surface. Wasting no time, he charms an unwitting Paul Montague into investing in one of his schemes. However, as Melmotte climbs the society ladder, his web of deceit captures his own daughter Marie and her suitor Felix Carbury, son of feckless novelist Lady Carbury.


Stars: Oliver Dimsdale, Laura Fraser, Anna Massey, Bill Nighy, Geoffrey Palmer, Geraldine James, Jane Lapotaire and David Tennant.

Special Feature: The Two Loves of Anthony Trollope.

A flirtatious vicar, two squabbling sisters, an ingénue and her meddling aunt surround Louis and his wife Emily Trevelyan in the first year of their married life. Things take a darker turn when the roguish Colonel Osborne takes an interest in Emily and fans the flames of Louis’ jealousy. In an atmosphere thick with romance and rumour, Louis finds it all too easy to accuse his wife and force her from the house, together with their young son. Obsessed with the imagined seduction, he descends into darkness, determined to destroy everything he loves.

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