That Kind of Girl


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From the British Film Institute   

That Kind of Girl 

DVD & Blu Ray Edition

You will receive 2 discs: one will be a Blu Ray one will be a DVD.   

Year: 1963 | 2 discs  | Running time: 77 minutes | Black & White | Optional Subtitles

Director: Gerry O’Hara

Cast: Margaret Rose Keil, Linda Marlowe, David Weston, Peter Burton, Max Faulkner, Charles Houston, Sylvia Kay.

A finely tuned cautionary tale set against a backdrop of smoky jazz clubs, ban the bomb protest marches and evocative 1960s London locations.

A beautiful continental au pair finds herself wrestling with the affections of an earnest peace-protester, a dashing young toff and a roguish older man. However, fun and freedom turn to shame and despair when she finds that her naivety has put her lovers, and their partners – including the well-meaning Janet (played by Big Zapper’s Linda Marlowe, in her first role) – at risk. Stylishly shot in crisp black and white, this was the directorial debut of Gerry O’Hara (All the Right Noises, The Brute), and is presented in a new high definition transfer.

Special Features: Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition

The People at No. 19 (J B Holmes, 1948, 18 mins): an intense melodrama which explores the themes of That Kind of Girl.

No Place to Hide (Derrick Knight, 1959, 9 mins): a snapshot of the “Ban the Bomb” march from Aldermaston to London.

A Sunday in September (James Hill, 1961, 28 mins): a compelling documentary about nuclear disarmament, with Vanessa Redgrave, Doris Lessing and John Osborne.

Robert Hartford-Davis interview (1968, 13 mins): The producer of That Kind of Girl discusses the film and his career.

Extensive illustrated booklet featuring essays from novelist Cathi Unsworth and director Gerry O’Hara.

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