Steptoe & Son – The Christmas Specials [DVD]


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The two Christmas specials – originally broadcast in 1973 and 1974 – of the perennially popular BBC sitcom starring Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H. Corbett, set in a rag and bone yard.

In 1973 special, Harold (Corbett) books a Christmas holiday in Majorca. Followed by the 1974 edition, which was the last episode ever made of the series, Harold eventually gets away from his father Albert (Brambell) after years of trying.



Massively popular, with audiences of over 20 million, Steptoe & Son was an obvious choice for the festive schedules, but this classic comedy had been running for over ten years before the first of the extended Christmas Specials appeared in 1973. A year later, writers Galton and Simpson had decided to bring the series to an end. The 1974 Christmas Special would be the final ever episode: a fitting end to a legendary series.

The Party (Christmas Special 1973)

Albert and Harold are busy making preparations for Christmas. Albert is putting up Christmas decorations while Harold is at the travel agents booking some sunny festive fun in Majorca. He’s made all the necessary arrangements, however there is one last thing to do: tell Albert to pack his bags in preparation for a short stay at the local old people’s home.

A Perfect Christmas (Christmas Special 1974)

Fed up with staying at home every Christmas, Harold plans to take his dad abroad for the holiday. But his old man isn’t going to make it easy for him: he pleads to go to Bognor instead, objects to every resort in the brochure and struggles to find his birth certificate for the passport. Then, just when it looks like Harold’s Christmas is going to be another disaster, fate delivers one more twist.

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