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3-DVD Box Set

OVER 8 HOURS OF CONTENT. 3 discs. Two series. 21 episodes. Comedy. Colour & B&W. Years: 1969-1971. 

Cast: Ronnie Barker, Josephine Tewson, Frank Gatliff, Victor Maddern, Moira Foot, David Jason, Mary Baxter, Michael Hordern and more.

Caricatures by Terry Gilliam.

Director: Maurice Murphy.

Writers: Hugh Leonard, Spike Milligan, John Cleese, Bernard McKenna, Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden, Eric Idle, Mike Sharland & Gerald Wiley.

This 3-DVD box set features two Ronnie Barker series: Hark at Barker and Six Dates with Barker. Ronnie Barker has been hailed as a comic genius. His humour transcends genres and continues to inspire new generations of comedians who pay tribute to his immense skill as a writer and performer. During a hugely successful career, Barker received numerous awards and accolades as well as a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement tribute in 2004. 


This comedy sketch series employed a team of comedy stalwarts including Bill Oddie & Graeme Garden, (The Goodies), Eric Idle (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) and Barker himself (writing as enigmatic contributor ‘Gerald Wiley’). Barker is the doddering, decrepit Lord Rustless, hereditary owner of Chrome Hall and professional pontificator on whatever takes his fancy, in a number of sketches that allow Barker to play a variety of roles in each show. Supported by David Jason – who also plays multiple roles – Hark at Barker showcases both comedians’ pitch-perfect timing and mastery of humour, and earned Barker the 1969 Variety Club Award for ITV Personality of the Year.


This series features a different story and historical setting for each show, from the Phantom Raspberry Blower who terrorises Victorian London to a far future where laughter is compulsory and grave consequences await those who don’t… Featuring scripts from John Cleese, Spike Milligan and, of course, Gerald Wiley, as well as guest appearances by, among others, David Jason and Michael Hordern, Six Dates with Barker demonstrates the versatility of a hero of comedy.

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