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POP at the MOVIES on DVD

FOUR ROCKING MUSICALS featuring Frank Ifield, Max Bygraves, Joe Brown & Ray Charles

4-DVD SET. Four musical films from the late 50s and early 60s.
Running Time: over 5 hrs.  Colour and Black & White.

(1965) Special features: Original Theatrical Trailers; Gallery with music.
Director: Christopher Miles. Stars: Frank Ifield, Annette André, Ronald Radd, Richard Wattis and Suzy Kendall.
A talented young Australian singer moves to London in search of his big break. On the way he tries to woo a top model – while seemingly overlooking the beautiful publican’s daughter who truly loves him – and gets entangled with a gang of thieves!

(1956) Special features: Original Theatrical Trailer; Gallery.
Director: Guy Hamilton. Stars: Max Bygraves, Dennis Price, Michael Medwin, Patricia Driscoll and Shirley Eaton.
A new career beckons for Charley Moon when, during his army service, he becomes part of a comic double act in a unit concert. Though lucky breaks are few and far between, they end up getting enough experience to try their luck in London.

(1963) Special features: Original Theatrical Trailer; Gallery.
Director: Michael Carreras. Stars: Joe Brown, Susan Maughan, Marty Wilde, Harry H. Corbett and Freddie & the Dreamers. Alf Hitchins is an unemployed chap whose life revolves around dance halls, amusement arcades and cafés! His cheerful acceptance of life expresses itself in the song he casually composes one night – and the results take everyone by surprise!

(1964) Special feature: Gallery.
Director: Paul Henreid. Stars: Ray Charles, Tom Bell, Mary Peach, Dawn Addams and Betty McDowall. Ray Charles befriends David, a young boy who has recently lost his sight, and helps him to come to terms with his condition. During a tour, Charles goes to Paris, where a surgeon is pioneering a procedure that could restore David’s sight.

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