Personal Affair AND Appointment with Venus on DVD Combined Offer


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Personal Affair AND Appointment with Venus
on DVD Combined Offer

Personal Affair

1 DVD. Drama. Year: 1953. Black & White.  Running time approx. 77 min.

Stars: Glynis Johns, Gene Tierney, Leo Genn, Walter Fitzgerald, Pamela Brown, Megs Jenkins, Michael Hordern, Thora Hird, Norah Gorsen and Nanette Newman.

Director: Anthony Pelissier. Adapted by Lesley Storm from her own play.

This gripping British thriller tells a story of forbidden love between teacher and pupil in a sleepy town in 1950s England. Barbara Vining, played by Glynis Johns, is an impressionable teenage schoolgirl with a crush on her handsome Latin teacher, Stephen Barlow, (Leo Genn). Barlow is married to a beautiful but insecure American woman, Kay, played by Gene Tierney. Barbara disappears after a late tutoring session at the Barlow home and the pressure builds as the Police launch an investigation. Accused by the community, without any evidence, of causing Barbara’s death, Barlow is forced to step down from his teaching post and the strength of his marriage is tested to the full, as are relationships within the Vining family.

Appointment With Venus

1 DVD. Drama. Year: 1951.  Black & White. Running time approx. 83 min.

Stars: Glynis Johns, David Niven,  George Coulouris, Barry Jones Kenneth More & Richard Wattis.

Director: Ralph Thomas. Based on a true story.

The Nazis occupied the Channel Islands in 1940, and, amongst the population on the tiny island of Amorel is Venus, a pedigree cow, whose ability to produce high quality milk is legendary. So well-known is Venus that she has even come to the attention of Hitler, who wants to send her to Germany to breed with the Teutonic herds he claims are the best in the world. To deny Hitler and boost morale at home, British Special Forces mount a dangerous operation to rescue Venus and return her to England, led by Major Moreland, (David Niven), and ably assisted by Nicola Fallaize, (Glynis Johns) and the islanders. The film was based on the evacuation of Alderney cattle from the Channel Island during World War II.

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