Noël Coward: The Absolutely Essential 3-CD Collection


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Noël Coward
The Absolutely Essential 3-CD Collection

Sir Noël Coward, the English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer was known for his wit, style  and flamboyance. As well as screenplays and theatre works, he composed hundreds of songs, and his stage, film acting and directing career spanned six decades. 

Disc One 1 A Room with a View 2 Mad Dogs and Englishmen 3  There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner 4 London Pride 5 I’ll See You Again 6 Twentieth Century Blues 7 Mary Make-believe 8 Try to Learn to Love 9 The Dream is Over 10 Zigeuner 11 Half-caste Women 12 Any Little Fish 13  Lover of My Dreams (Mirabelle Waltz) 14 Let’s Say Goodbye 15 I Travel Alone 16 Most of Ev’ry day 17 Love in Bloom 18 We Were So Young 19 Where Are the Songs we Sung? 20 Dearest Love

Disc Two 1 Mad About the Boy 2 I Went To a Marvellous Party 3 The Stately Homes of England 4 The Party’s Over Now 5 Parisian Pierrot 6 World Weary 7 Lorelei 8 Gipsy Melody 9 Just Let Me Look at You 10 The Last Time I Saw Paris 11  Could You Please Oblige Us With a Bren Gun? 12 There Have Been Songs in England 13 Imagine the Duchess’s Feelings! 14 It’s Only You 15 Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to the Germans 16 I’m Old Fashioned 17 You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To 18 Never Again 19 Nina 20 Matelot

Disc Three 1  Mrs. Worthington (Don’t Put Your Daughter On the Stage) 2 Poor Little Rich Girl 3 Dance, Little Lady 4 Something To Do With Spring 5 Sail Away 6 Sigh No More 7 I Wonder What Happened to Him? 8 Bright Was the Day 9 This is a Changing World 10 His Excellency Regrets 11 Josephine 12 Don’t Make Fun of the Fair 13 I Like America 14 Why Does Love Get in the Way? 15 Uncle Harry 16 Alice Is At It Again 17 A Bar On the Piccola Marina (Live) 18 Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love (Live) 19 Wait a Bit, Joe 20 Time and Again


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