MANHUNT The Complete Series All 26 Episodes 7-DVD Set


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MANHUNT The Complete Series

7-DVD Set All 26 Episodes

All 26 episodes on 7 discs. War Drama. Year: 1969. Colour. Running Time: over 21 hours.
Stars: Alfred Lynch, Peter Barkworth,
Cyd Hayman, Robert Hardy, Maggie Fitzgibbon and Philip Madoc with appearances from: Paul Darrow, John Savident, George Sewell, Julian Glover, Nerys Hughes, Tony Beckley, Yootha Joyce, Stephen Lewis, Richard Hurndall & more.

This tense drama captures the ever-present fear and complex personal dilemmas experienced by those caught up in the tragedy of occupied France during World War II. Downed RAF  Squadron Leader Jimmy Porter joins Resistance agents ‘Nina’ and ‘Vincent’ in wartime France, as they attempt to sabotage the activities of the occupying Germans. Never certain who they can trust and in constant danger of capture and death at the hands of the SS, they embark on a vital mission to enable Nina – and the valuable information she possesses – to reach England.

This tense WWII drama was first broadcast in 1969. It follows British pilot Jimmy Briggs (Alfred Lynch), who crashes his aeroplane in occupied France and finds himself on the run from the Nazis. He meets a young girl, Nina, (Cyd Hayman), a part-Jewish agent with important information, and vows to get her back to Britain. He is helped by another agent, code-named Vincent (Peter Barkworth), and pursued across France by S.S. Officer Lutzig (Philip Madoc), and the ambivalent Abwehr Sgt. Gratz (Robert Hardy), a complex psychological character. Unlike most previous war dramas, the Nazis were presented as more than just fanatical thugs. Lutzig is close to the stereotype, given great depth by Philip Madoc; but Gratz is very unpredictable. Peter Barkworth’s performance conveys great emotion. Alfred Lynch is well cast as Jimmy Porter, delivering a believable portrayal. Unlike many similar dramas, Manhunt covers in detail the rivalry between the SS and the Abwehr, (German military-intelligence service).

The strength of the story is in the slow unfolding of a deeply psychological series of mind games between the French resistance, the Abwehr, the SS and French collaborators. The overall plot is driven by the need to keep Nina out of the hands of the Germans and return her to England. The writing provides deep insights and moving character studies against a background of war with fear, mistrust and confusion. The plot, as it unfolds, creates despair at the duplicity and deceit that human beings are capable of. The series examines the reality of the resistance movement and the bitter rivalries within the third reich. A great addition for those who enjoy collecting accurate WWII drama, the series is packed with many well-known actors of the era.

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