Innocent Sinners DVD


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Innocent Sinners DVD

A fine example of a 1950’s post war drama produced by the Rank Film Studios and starring Flora Robson, David Kossoff, June Archer and directed by Philip Leacock.

Lovejoy Mason (June Archer) is an independently minded young rascal living in bombed out London. Bored with her mundane existence Lovejoy finds an outlet for beauty and self-expression by building a small garden in the ruins of a bombed out church yard. Though she is ignored by her mother and ridiculed by other local children, Lovejoy is aided in her project by Tip Malone (Christopher Hey). Tragedy strikes when her garden is vandalised by a local boys gang, however impressed by her determination, they offer to help her rebuild it. Lovejoy’s troubles are not over, and she faces further challenges before she gets the garden of her dreams. Britain, like Lovejoy’s garden, was rising from the rubble of war and thriving.

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