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Gift Horse DVD


BRAND NEW RESTORATION! No of discs: 1.  Black and White. Year: 1952.  War Drama. Running Time: approx 96 mins.

Director: Compton Bennett.

Cast: Trevor Howard, James Donald, Richard Attenborough, Joan Rice, Sonny Tufts, Bernard Lee,  Dora Bryan & Sid James.

In 1940, the Royal Navy is frantically recruiting for WWII so pulls Lieutenant Commander Fraser out of retirement to captain the HMS Ballantrae, herself recently re-commissioned and lent by the Americans to a seriously under-resourced British Navy. Despite an inauspicious start and multiple repairs, Fraser crafts the ship and her crew into an efficient fighting force, culminating in a daring mission to destroy a French dockyard, which is crucial to the Nazis in maintaining their formidable battleships. The climax of the film is a fictional account of the real-life St Nazaire Raid of 1942, AKA Operation Chariot – led by a ship very similar to the Gift Horse itself, and celebrated as The Greatest Raid of All.

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