FLAMBARDS The Complete Series 4-DVD Box Set


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FLAMBARDS The Complete Series
4-DVD Box Set


Adapted from the books by K. M. Peyton

4-DVD Box Set. Period Drama. Colour.  Year: 1979.  Running time over 12 hours approx.

Stars: Edward Judd, Christine McKenna, Alan Parnaby, Steven Grives, Gillian Davey, Frank Mills, Sebastian Abineri, Anton Diffring, Rosalie Williams and Carol Leader.

Set during an era of social and political change, motorisation, female emancipation and the Great War, Flambards showcases beautiful cinematography by Peter Jackson. With period costumes, attention to the details of the era and a strong cast, the series remains highly impressive over 40 years since its first airing.

Adapted from K.M. Peyton’s best-selling trilogy of books set in the early 1900s, Flambards tells the story of lively, independent, Christina Parsons, an orphan who is passed from pillar to post by family members until finally settling with her invalid uncle at his crumbling Essex estate, Flambards. As well as contending with her crippled and tyrannical uncle, Christina also has to deal with his son, Mark, a wastrel whose interests goes no further than drinking and hunting. However, she finds romance with his other son William, who challenges her ideas on class boundaries, as well as her love for horses and hunting. The story follows Christina, Mark and Williams’ experiences as war descends on Europe, her cousins join the fight and the world changes. Meanwhile, only Christina stands between Flambards and the estate being sold off to pay debtors.

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