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Two Sci-Fi DVDs:
Fiend Without a Face and The Leech Woman  

Fiend Without a Face

Science Fiction. Year: 1958. Running Time: approx 71 mins. Black and White.

Director: Arthur Crabtree.
Stars: Marshall Thompson, Kynaston Reeves, Michael Balfour, Kim Parker, Terry Kilburn, Gil Winfield, Shane Cordell, Stanley Maxted, James Dyrenforth, Kerrigan Prescott, Peter Madden, Meadows White, Lala Lloyd and Robert MacKenzies.

In rural Canada, an atomic powered radar project led by US Air Force Major Jeff Cummings has local farmers taking to the fields in protest. When bodies begin turning up minus their brains, it’s up to Cummings and local beauty Barbara Grisell to discover whether it’s the atomic reactor at the airbase or Barbara’s boss Professor Walgate’s psychic research experiments that are behind the grisly events. The film was made in England with U.S. Air Force stock aviation footage used to establish the military base setting. The British Board of Film Censors gave the film an “X” certificate, and critics were aghast at its special effects, horrifying for the time.

The Leech Woman

Science Fiction. Year: 1960. Running Time: approx 74 mins. Black and White.
 Director: Edward Dein.
Stars: Grant Williams, Coleen Gray, Phillip Terry, Gloria Talbott, John van Dreelen, Estelle Hemsley, Kim Hamilton and Arthur Batanides.

June travels to Africa with her husband in search of an elixir that will restore her beauty and give her the secret of eternal youth – but only when it is mixed with blood taken from those who have recently died. Trampled and psychologically tortured by her husband, alcohol has become her only solace. He is her first victim. The potion works, but requires repeated usage. Masquerading as her own niece on her way back to America, she keeps herself young by killing men, but each time the potion wears off, she is older than she was before. Enamoured of a man half her age, she kills his fiancée and tries to mix the elixir with the young woman’s blood. Colleen Gray revels in the title role, made young and old repeatedly with effective makeup. Vintage sci-fi at its best, the film was given an “X” certificate by the British Board of Film Censors.

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