Every Day’s A Holiday Film Poster Shopping Bag



Every Day’s A Holiday Film Poster Shopping Bag

Practical, washable, re-usable and easy to fold and store, this useful shopper bag is the perfect size for carrying your daily groceries and puts a bit of fun into a trip to the shops!

Made from cotton fabric, the bag measures 49cm wide x 39cm high excluding straps.

The bag features the colourful poster image from ‘Every Day’s A Holiday’, the 1964 musical. The poster features images from the film including Freddie and the Dreamers and cast members with cast names, the film title and the words: ‘The Top Musical of the Year’. The colourful image is printed in vibrant red, blue, yellow and orange, evoking nostalgic memories of the sixties with a cool retro vibe. 


Additional information

Weight .101 kg
Dimensions 49.0 × 39.0 × 1.0 cm