EDGAR WALLACE Paper Back Book ‘The Man Who Created King Kong’


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The definitive biography of the sensational storyteller Edgar Wallace.

By NEIL CLARK. Paperback Book. 370 pages. Illustrated with black and white images.

Edgar Wallace was a prolific author of over 170 books, translated into more than thirty languages. More films were made from his books than any other twentieth-century writer, and in the 1920s a quarter of all books read in England were written by him. His success is written in black and white, but his life had an inauspicious start. The illegitimate son of a travelling actress, Wallace rose from poverty in Victorian England to become the most popular author in the world and a global celebrity of his age. Famous for his thrillers, with their fantastic plots, in many ways Wallace did not write his most exciting story: he lived it, and here Neil Clark eloquently tells his tale.

‘Clark’s aim is … to “generate renewed interest in this remarkable man”. In this he succeeds admirably.’ Duncan Campbell, The Guardian

‘A very readable biography about an extraordinary writer.’ Award-winning crime writer Martin Edwards.

NEIL CLARK is a journalist, broadcaster and award-winning blogger. He has contributed numerous articles to leading newspapers, such as the The Guardian, Daily Mail and The Spectator. He is a regular pundit on sport and current affairs on television and radio; and in 1993-94 he was Chair of the Edgar Wallace Society.

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