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Easy Money DVD

Britain in 1948, and a win on the football pools was a way out of post war austerity. The football pools was a huge industry employing 25,000 people and with 10 million punters putting their crosses 1s and 2s into the little boxes on their coupon. It was everyones dream to win the pools and most Britons did not view it as gambling but as a traditional British pastime. EASY MONEY takes a satirical look at the impact of a pools win on your average British punter in the tough days of the late 1940s. With humour, suspense and drama the film sought to emphasise the importance of traditional British values of honesty, modesty and hard work! Life isnt always better if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot as some of Britain s best loved actors including, Jack Warner, Petula Clark, David Tomlinson, Mervyn Johns and Dennis Price will prove!!

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