DEPARTMENT S 8-DVD Box Set The Complete Series


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The Complete Series

Running Time: approx 23.5 hrs. Espionage Sci-Fi. Year: 1969-1970. Colour.
Includes booklet with notes by Michael Richardson on the style, design production, casting and episodes.

Stars: Peter Wyngarde, Joel Fabiani, Rosemary Nicols and Dennis Alaba Peters.

Special features include: Part One of a two-part documentary detailing the making of Department S and Jason King, narrated by Peter Bowles. This part covers the Department S story. Also featured: music suite of Edwin Astley’s incidental music, accompanied by a gallery of behind the scenes photos.

Man in a Suitcase: Day of Execution featuring Rosemary Nicols. A classic ITC drama, Department S catapulted Peter Wyngarde from local success to global phenomenon. In each episode the team solved the most perplexing cases with charm and humour. All 28 episodes and a wealth of special features.

Handling cases that are too baffling to be solved by normal police routine is all in a day’s work for Department S – a shadowy Interpol department that specialises in the inexplicable and the illogical. Its small core of operatives include flamboyant novelist Jason King, (Peter Wyngarde), who uses his overactive imagination and droll wit to help solve the most difficult of cases; Stewart Sullivan, (Joel Fabiani), a man of action who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty; and Annabelle Hurst, (Rosemary Nicols), the gorgeous computer expert with an eye for detail. The team is led by Stewart Sullivan, of whom little is known except that he is pragmatic and hands-on, and does much of the leg-work, confronting the criminals. Jason King is the ideas man, but also helps in the field. The living he makes writing novels affords him a hedonistic lifestyle, and he is often seen with beautiful women, though he has no permanent love interest in the series. King also serves as comic relief, especially in scenes of hand-to-hand combat where he winds up being subdued as often as he prevails. Annabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicols) is a computer expert and analyst as well as an investigator. She sometimes appears in seductive, glamorous disguises. A specialist unit within Interpol, based in Paris, Department S was called upon to solve mysterious crimes and events after all other forms of investigation had failed. These baffling occurrences would be the springboard to exotic adventures for the departments three operatives. After the success of The Champions, producers Denis Spooner and Monty Berman met with Lew Grade, then head of ITC about financing another series. Grade sanctioned Department S and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) as a way to cut costs by filming both productions at the same time, sharing studio space, sets, props and crew.

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