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DVD  Running Time: 1 hour 17mins approx. Black and White. Year: 1948. Director: Compton Bennett.

Cast: Ann Todd,  Eric Portman, Maxwell Reed and Bill Owen.

Eddie Tribe is an unassuming, shy bachelor, who runs a barbers’ shop in London with the help of his of trusted confidant Ron. Eddie, however, has a dark secret. As well as the barbers’ shop, Eddie also works as a hangman and travels around the country performing executions. One day Eddie has some good news, his estranged father has passed away and he inherits his barge business on the River Thames. Becoming a man of means gives Eddie more self confidence and after a short courtship he marries beautiful young Frankie. Despite married bliss, Eddie cannot bring himself to reveal his dark secret to Frankie. Sparks fly between his new wife and Olaf, a Danish seaman he has hired to help him on the barges, and his life begins a tragic downward spiral ….  

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