British Pathé News – A Year to Remember 1950 DVD


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British Pathé News – A Year to Remember 1950 DVD

A year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the twentieth century, compiles contemporary news coverage drawn from the world-famous BBC and British Pathé archives.

This programme details not only the major political issues that dominated the day, but also key social changes and cultural trends. This hour-long episode chronicles that remarkable year, 1950.

This was the year in which Clement Attlee s Labour government narrowly won another term, though its hold on power would not last for long; the royals welcomed Princess Anne into the family; Queen Juliana of the Netherlands paid us a visit; and Britain s de Havilland comet made aviation history.

It was also a year dominated by the crisis in Korea. When the communist forces of North Korea crossed the 38th parallel, the border with its southern neighbour, it signalled the beginning of a war which ultimately cost the lives of millions.

1950 was certainly a year to remember.

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