All The King’s Men DVD


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All The King’s Men DVD

Sir David Jason & Dame Maggie Smith

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES. Running Time: over 2 hrs. War. Colour. Year: 1999.  

Starring: David Jason, Maggie Smith, David Troughton, William Ash, Phyllis Logan, Ian McDiarmid and more.

Special Feature: Matter of Fact – a documentary film about the true story of All the King’s Men, presented by Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh.

This moving film portrays a mysterious event of the First World War: the disappearance of the Sandringham Company at Gallipoli in 1915. Commanded by the Estate Manager, Captain Frank Beck, (David Jason), the men were drawn from the staff of the King’s private residence. They left an idyllic rural existence for the ill-prepared campaign and their deaths brought the horrors of the First World War to the heart of the establishment –and the Royal Family itself.

As the Sandringham Company advanced onto the battlefield, a strange mist was seen to descend and engulf them – almost as though God was wrapping them up and taking them from the terror that awaited … It was the last that was ever seen of the Sandringham Company and the mystery of its disappearance survives to this day. After the war, a Special Envoy was sent at the behest of Queen Alexandra, (Maggie Smith), to discover what fate had befallen the Company, but the truth was never fully revealed. The film was based on co-producer Nigel McCrery’s non-fiction book The Vanished Battalion, published in 1992. David Jason gives one of his finest performances as Capt Frank Beck, the head keeper of the Royal estates, who drills his troop of young men, many of whom he has known since they were born, into a fighting unit ready for the glory of the First World War. The King is not keen to lose Frank to the fighting, but, despite being in his 50’s, Frank is determined to go and lead his men and he finds an ally in the Dowager Queen Alexandra. This insightful drama features excellent performances from the entire cast. The extra documentary, narrated by Prince Edward and filmed largely at Sandringham, includes archive material and attempts to tell the viewer what really happened. This explanation is woven into the drama. Filming took place at Sandringham and Holkham Hall, in Norfolk, with Andalucia in Spain serving as Gallipoli.