A Rainy Afternoon at the Flicks Volume One


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Recreating a good old fashioned afternoon at the flicks with a newsreel, old advert, a short and main feature with the National Anthem at the end! Three DVD collection. Includes 7 films plus bonus features.


The Agitator (1945)
Directed by John Harlow. Produced by Louis H. Jackson. Starring William Hartnell (billed as Billy Hartnell), Mary Morris, John Laurie, Moore Marriott, J.H. Roberts, George Carney, Philip Godfrey, James Knight, Harry Terry, Robert Brooks Turner, H. Victor Weske and Ian Wilson. In this formerly lost William Hartnell film, a young British socialist unexpectedly inherits a large firm, a factory where he works as a union mechanic. But this in turn, forces him to question his own core beliefs. Based on the novel by William Riley.

BONUS FEATURES: A Bob in the Pound (1943) Featuring the voice of Tommy Handley. Learn to save with this animated karaoke-style cinema short!
Felix Follows the Swallows (1925) Directed by Otto Messmer. Produced by Pat Sullivan. An animated short cartoon classic. Winter in his hometown is too cold for Felix, so he decides to build some wings and fly south to the warmer tropical jungles.

The National Anthem – The practice of playing The National Anthem in UK cinemas started during the Second World War and persisted throughout the 1950s.


He Found a Star (1941) Directed by John Paddy Carstairs. Produced by John Corfield. Starring Vic Oliver, Sarah Churchill, Evelyn Dall, Barbara Everest, Joan Greenwood, David Evans, Robert Sansom, Robert Atkins, George Merritt, Raymond Lovell, Charles Victor, Cyril Chamberlain, Jack Kellaway, Sylvia Kellaway, Eileen Bennett and Peter Saunders. A stage manager starts a theatrical agency with the intention of finding unknown talent and making them stars.

BONUS FEATURES: News Thrills of 1942 – Glimpses Highlights of the important war news events from the year 1942. The footage also includes the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The National Anthem


Bobs Your Uncle (1942) Directed by Oswald Mitchell. Produced by F.W. Baker for Butcher`s Film Services. Starring Albert Modley, Wally Patch, H.F. Maltby, Johnnie Schofield, Bert Linden, Alfred Wright, Sean Barry-Weske and Clifford Cobbe. This rare British comedy film portrays the enthusiastic members of a Home Guard unit.

BONUS FEATURES: The Day Begins Early (1948) A short behind the scenes look at the actress and singer Petula Clark’s working day in 1948.

The National Anthem


She Knows Y’Know (1962) Directed by Montgomery Tully. Produced by Maurice J. Wilson. Starring Hylda Baker, Cyril Smith, Peter Myers, Linda Castle, Tim Connor, Neil Wilson, Alfred Burke, Lucy Griffiths, Leonard Sachs and Patricia Shakesby. The studious son of a working-class matriarch gets in trouble with the attractive daughter of a middle-class family, who accuse him of being responsible for getting her pregnant.

BONUS FEATURES: Butch and Billy and their Bang-Bang Western Plot (1961) Featuring voices of Danny Krieger, Steven E. Krieger and Bob Custer.

The National Anthem


Second Best Bed (1938) Directed by Tom Walls. Starring Tom Walls, Jane Baxter, Veronica Rose, Carl Jaffe, Greta Gynt, Ethel Coleridge and H. Victor Weske. The film concerns a newly married couple who run into domestic difficulties when the wife refuses to obey her husband.

BONUS FEATURES: Yesterday Lives Again: Glimpses. A collection of rare newsreel footage from the early 1900s including the Wright Brothers.
Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp (1934) Directed by Ub Iwerks and Shamus Culhane. A fast moving early animated short cartoon based on the famous Aladdin story. The film was a co-production of the Ub Iwerks Studio and Celebrity Productions.

The National Anthem


The Common Touch (1941) Produced & Directed by John Baxter. Associate Producer: Wallace Orton. Starring Greta Gynt, Raymond Lovell, Percy Walsh, Bernard Miles, Charles Carson, Bill Fraser, Arthur Maude, Jerry Verno, Mark Hambourg, Carroll Gibbons, Sandy Macpherson and Scott Sanders. On the death of his father, young Peter Henderson leaves school to take over the family firm in the City of London.

BONUS FEATURES: Call of the West (1947) A Western style musical revue short, featuring the vocal talents of Spade Cooley, Tex Williams and The King Sisters.

The National Anthem


A Cry from the Streets (1958) Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Produced by Ian Dalrymple. Production Manager: John Dark. Starring Max Bygraves, Barbara Murray, Colin Petersen, Dana Wilson, Kathleen Harrison and David Bushell. The film revolves around social worker Ann Fairlie, who is assigned to help a group of orphans that live in a poverty-stricken institution located in a rough part of town.

BONUS FEATURES: Celebrity crazy cricket in the 1950s- Glimpses Featuring Jon Pertwee, Richard Hearne, Tommy Cooper, Jerry Desmonde, Edmundo Ros and Wynford. See Tommy Cooper batting in his fez and madcap routines with Mr Pastry in this crazy footage.

The National Anthem

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